2015 Black History Quiz Bowl

Congratulations to our Division Winners!

A BIG thank you to the teams, coaches, churches, organizations, sponsors, volunteers, attendees and most importantly our YOUTH!!! Without you, this event would not have been a success. There were no losers; we all learned something new and knowledge is POWER.

  • Black History Quiz Bowl Promiseland COGIC

Elementary – NEA Bandits
Talaila Allen, Wakiryah Daniels, KaNya Ford, Ayreonna Stevenson, Natasia Oliver, Laila Eliotti, Auja Braison, Alysa Cody
Coaches: Pacelia Aboagye & Marsha Smith

Junior – New St. John M. B. Church
Kaitlyn Banks, William Glass Jr., Jasmine Daniels, Breunna Anderson, Eli Johnson
Coach: Kiffany Banks

Senior – Promiseland COGIC
Kyra Guy, Shamarra Clark, Darius Bradley, Krystal Cordova, Khadijah Vance, Christopher Vance
Coach: Charneika Chambers

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